Legal notice

■ Orders for ordering are as follows.

STEP1: Search for products
STEP2: Add to shopping cart
STEP3: Log in to a member account (guest purchase possible)
STEP4: Enter contact information
STEP5: Select the shipping method
STEP6: Select and pay the payment method
STEP7: The order is completed (the order and order number will be confirmed to the registered email address)

Member: Member Login> My Page> Purchase history ( * Login is required for confirmation)
Non -members: Order List> For the first time> Enter the order number

[Changes / cancellation of ordered items]

FASHIRU does not accept changes or cancellation after the order is confirmed. Please check after confirming that there is no mistake in your order. In addition, we do not accept changes or cancellations of reserved items, so please check the product shipping date before purchasing. If you want to confirm the order, click "Purchase History Exposure".

■ About payment
This website provides the following payment methods:
PayPal, ApplePay, GooglePay

* You cannot change the payment method after your order is confirmed.

■ About delivery
Delivery method: EMS (International Speed ​​Post)
Delivery area: Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Macau, and other countries
Shipping: DetailsHerePlease refer to the.
Delivery period: 3 days to 15 days
Other instructions: Delivery time may vary depending on the type of product, traffic situation, and factory production.
This site FASHIRU does not accept returns or exchanges of good products for personal reasons.

■ About the shipping company
・ After the EMS product shipping is completed, the company will send you an e -mail with the luggage tracking code.
Please check the delivery status of the delivered luggage on the post office official website.

■ When reserved products and regular products are purchased at the same time
・ Normally, we will not ship bundled until the product is available until the product is available. The delivery of the product will be the shipping period of the reservation product.
・ If the shipment date is different for 2 or more points, the shipment date will be shipped slower.
If you want to ship a general product first, we recommend that you order separately. * Please check the product description page for the shipping date of the reservation product.

■ About customs clearance and import tariffs
According to the provisions, import tariffs may occur during the delivery process, and customs duties shall be borne by the buyer.
After paying tariffs, you can receive your luggage. If your luggage is returned to Japan because the buyer has no intention of paying tariffs, the product will not be redelivery.
All expenses (including international cargo, customs clearance fee, consumption tax, tariffs, etc.) will be borne by the buyer. After the package is returned properly, the company refunds the above fee.

■ About changes in destinations
If you would like to change the content, please refer to the following.

① Please change the membership login address on the My Page page before ordering.
In addition, please check that the changed address is correct before purchasing.

② After ordering, you cannot change the delivery address after your order.
Please contact the FASHIRU customer consultation center with the following information "Order number, name, address you want to change".However, we cannot change your address for products whose delivery procedure has been completed.

FASHIRU Customer Consultation

Please use the luggage tracking code attached when shipping the product. Customers need to contact the delivery company to change their address.
* If there is no contact, if the address is incomplete, please forgive the necessary transfer shipping fee.
* Please note that even if the delivery destination is changed on the My Page page, the information about completing the order will not change.
* If you cannot deliver the product due to incomplete address description, please forgive the reinforcement fee will be borne by the customer.
Before ordering, please check again if the member login address is correct.

■ Returns / exchanges
1. About cancellation / change of order
We cannot accept any changes or cancellations after ordering, so please check if there is no mistake in your order.
Returns and exchanges for personal reasons other than defective products cannot be accepted.
The differences in colors, materials, differences in thickness, and differences from imagination are all regarded as personal factors, so be careful not to affect your rights and interest.
・ If the product arrives, if there is a product / quantity that is different from the order, or if there is a product damage / dirt, we will return and exchange it immediately.
* After confirming the problem of the product in our product development department, we will respond to replacement, repair, refund, etc.

2. Return period
・ Within 7 days to sign the receipt after the product arrives (including holidays). After the signature, open it as soon as possible to make sure there is no mistake in the status of the product and order.
Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges for personal reasons other than defective products.
・ After the product arrives, within 7 days (including holidays), a photo that can prove the defect of the product (the overall photo of the product and the expanded photo of the defective part), the order number, the orderer name, the product name, etc. Please send it to the FASHIRU customer consultation center.
FASHIRU Customer Consultation Center:
* In the case of defective products, if there is stock, only replacement will be supported, and returns will not be accepted. If there is no stock, the refund procedure will be performed.
* If you are returned without contact, please forgive the refund.
* Even if the product itself is defective or the product you send is wrong, you will not be able to return or refund the product once used or used.
* If there is no label in the product, it will be regarded as a defective product, and we will not return or refund it.
* The quality control is thoroughly managed in all processes, but fine wrinkles and exposure of thread ends are inevitable.
We cannot accept cancellations, returns, or exchanges of your order if there is no problem in use.
* Please return all accessories, pamphlets, gifts, appendix, etc. that arrived with the product. * When returning the product, do not remove the tag label. The footwear must be returned with the box.
If you do not have a product label or box, please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges even if the product itself is defective.
* If you are returned without contact, we will return it by cash on delivery.
* If the luggage is not reached and is returned, the customer will pay the product price and shipping fee.

[If the following applies, we cannot accept returns or exchanges]
・ Products with "feeling of use" and "processing / cleaning / cleaning"
And the accessories of the set products are uneven
・ Order size is wrong
・ Returned gift
・ Product label, etc. (manual, box, accessories)
Damage, loss, dirt / damage after the product arrives
・ Returned without permission
・ Swimwear, earrings, jewelry, and other people around
・ In the unavoidable manufacturing process, the product is thin and the thread is exposed.
・ Return / Exchange for reasons such as fluffy fluff [Return refund] After returned goods arrive at us, we will refund the refund procedure.
Return procedure may take 2-3 weeks.

[Return shipping]
After our product development department confirms the problem of the product, the return fee will be paid in full.
(Please forgive me because we cannot accept returned or exchanged for personal reasons other than defective products.)

[Return method]
If you would like to return the product, please contact the FASHIRU customer consultation center.
Please return the product according to the "return procedure" below.

[About refund]
After the product is returned and confirmed, the payment is refunded.
Please note that refunds will not be processed until the product is returned.
・ If the payment is canceled due to the management policy of the credit card company, the refund may be delayed.