Band Collar Shirt (UV/Feeling Cold/Waterproof)/2Colors

Band Color Shirt (UV/Contact Cool/Water repellent)/2Colors

It is a half sleeve shirt with a spacious size dolman sleeve.
The neck is a clean band -colored specification, and it is an elegant item in a casual casual.

Using a sharp and firm fabric, you can keep a beautiful silhouette that is hard to lose its shape even in oversized.

The material is a feature material of contact cold, UV -cut, which is thankful for midsummer.
In addition, it has water -repellent processing and stretch function, so it is easy to handle from daily to leisure.

It is also possible to coordinate as a setup with pants items sold separately.

Color Black/Beige

■ Size (㎝)
Length 73
Sleeve length 45 * Dolman sleeve
Width 71
Hem width 71

■ material
Nylon 87%
13% polyurethane

There is a sense of sheer transparency / BEIGE
Gloss / None
Elasticity / Yes
Lining / None
Thickness / normal
Weight / 180g
Care method / Hand washing is possible

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