Basic T-Shirts (Japan Made)/5Colors

Basic T -shirt (JAPAN MADE)/5Colors

The fabric was made in Japan Maid, using 100 % cotton cotton with a soft and smooth surface.

The silhouette was not too compact and not too over, and I was sticking to it so that it could be seen cleanly while covering the body shape.

Simple T -shirts are rich in color, three pop colors, basic white and black. Pink and green are pop but a little creamy, and are easy to wear that is not too flashy.

Color White/Black/PINK/GREEN/BLUE

■ Size (approx.
Length 68
Width 56
Shoulder width 53.5
Hem width 56.5
Sleeve length 20

■ material
100% cotton

There is a sense of sheer transparency / WHITE
Gloss / None
Elasticity / Yes
Lining / None
Thick / thin
Weight / 160g
Care method / Washing machine possible

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