Cropped Border Tops/3Colors


Crop Dobider Tops/3Colors

Ringer border tops that can be dressed casually for adults.
We have prepared two new colors this season.
The lining is smooth with pile fabric and sticks to the touch.

Although it is a spacious silhouette, it is recommended that you keep the hem cut and shorten the length moderately, so you can combine it with a long skirt with a sense of volume.

Black x Ivory
Blue x Brown
Beige x cocoa

■ Size (approx.
Length 54 (left cut)
Shoulder width 47.5
Width 56
Sleeve length 56.5
Hem width 57
* Model height 160

■ material
Cotton 65%
35% polyester

Separate cloth
98% cotton
2% polyurethane


Mysterious / None
Gloss / None
Extractability / None
Lining / not
Thickness / normal

※Regarding delivery
Delivery method: EMS
Delivery period: 3 to 10 days
Delivery time may vary depending on the type of product, traffic situation, and factory production.

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