Cropped Square Shirt/3Colors

Cropsque air shirt/3Colors

The length is short and the form is square
Cropped length shirt
Set the wide body width and sleeve width widely
Cover the upper arm and body type you are worried about
There is also the effect of showing the leg length depending on the short length.

Add rayon to cotton
Wrinkles are less noticeable
Adopt high -quality fabric
Recommended for adult women.

The bottom is denim, chinos, slacks, etc.
Good compatibility with buggy type and wide silhouette
I'll wear it.

In the summer, all -in -one such as salopettes
Even as a haori from the top of the cami dress
It seems to be active!


■ Size (approx.
Length 49
Width 62
Hem width 68
Sleeve length 28

■ material
50 % cotton
50 % rayon

Mysterious / None
Gloss / None
Extractability / None
Lining / None
Thickness / normal
Weight / 120g
Care method / Washing machine possible

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