Layered York Sten Color Coat/3Colors/2SIZE

The high -density woven cotton twill is produced from the fabric, pursuing the hardness and lightness of the wrinkles, and putting it on without burden.

It is a design coat with a dressing feeling that makes the yoke connected from the back to the sleeve become a stylish accent.

It can be worn even if you tighten the belt on the waist with the collar as a stand. It is also recommended to remove the button and tie the belt on the waist behind and put it on. It is an item that comes with a variety of styling with one coat.

You can enjoy the long season from autumn to winter to spring by matching items.

We have prepared Long length and Middle length so that you can choose according to your favorite style and height.

・ 156cm to 160cm
The length between the calf and the ankle can be worn coolly with a long length.
・ 165cm to 170cm
It is a length that you can enjoy a refreshing impression with the length around the calf and the balance with the bottoms.

・ 150cm to 155cm
The length between the calf and the ankle can be worn coolly with a long length.
・ 156cm to 160cm
It is a length where you can enjoy the balance with the bottoms with the length of the calf.

■ Size (㎝)
Length 112 (Middle) 120 (LONG)
Width 57 (Middle) 60 (LONG)
Hem width 80 (middle) 83 (long)
Sleeve length 73 (middle) 75 (long)

Model height 160cm Long Wear

■ material
Outer fabric: 100 % cotton
Lining: 100% polyester

* There may be an error of ± 2 mm depending on the measuring method.
* This item will be shipped within 3 days after ordering. (Opened weekends and holidays)

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