Letter Print T-Shirt/3Colors

Letter print T -shirt/3Colors

Write the concept of FASHIRU in Letter
I made a message T -shirt with my thoughts

I hope you can send wonderful days from Sunday to Monday ...
I added a day of the week on the letter.

To be able to like yourself as it is

I am confident by wearing clothes

Snuggle with important everyday life
I hope it will be a little more filled than now

We will deliver each item with your thoughts

A wonderful story (story) in your life


The material is made of light and smooth cotton material.

With a wide range of width, the length is not too long and the bottom is a sense of size that can be worn well with the bottom.

Color White/Black/Gray

■ Size (approx.
Total length 52 (front) 55 (later)
Width 57
Shoulder width 48.5
Hem width 53
Sleeve length 18

■ material
100% cotton

98% cotton
2% polyurethane

There is a sense of sheer transparency / WHITE
Gloss / None
Elasticity / Yes
Lining / None
Thick / thin
Weight / 140g
Care method / Hand washing is possible

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