Rib Knit Muffler/5Colors

Rib knit muffler/5Colors

The soft texture warms up and wraps around the neck
Rib knit muffler

With a basic design, you can use it for a long time without being affected by the trend.

There are plenty of color variations and you can enjoy various coordination.

It has a size that can be folded compactly, so it is easy to carry in a bag.

Color Brown/Gray/Black/Red/Navy

■ Size (approx.
Length 150
Width 24

■ material
100% acrylic%

Mysterious / None
Gloss / None
Elasticity / Yes
Lining / None
Thickness / normal
Weight / 200
Care method / Hand washing possible

* This item is a knit material, so in the production process, the shape and size may occur (around 5cm) due to blend, press processing, and product washing.
※Regarding delivery
Delivery method: EMS
Delivery period: 3 to 10 days
Delivery time may vary depending on the type of product, traffic situation, and factory production.

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