Slit Denim Skirt/2Size


Slit denim skirt/2size

Denim skirt with a neat A -line silhouette and backslits enhance femininity
Vertical silhouettes and soft -moving materials will create a style up.
Finished with a vintage fabric feeling with wash processing.
It is an adult casual item that is widely used in seasonal les along with knits and cut -and -sews.

■ Size (approx.
Size1 size2
Total length 78.5 79
West 58 ~ 64 62 ~ 68
Hip 41 45
Hem width 48.5 52.5
Model height 164cm size 1 wearing

■ material

※Regarding delivery
Delivery method: EMS
Delivery period: 3 to 10 days
Delivery time may be vary depending on the type of product, traffic situation, and factory production.

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