Washer Shirt Jacket (SET UP compatible)/2Colors

Washer Shear Shirt Jacket/2Colors

A shirt using soft washer processed fabric.
It is an item that can be worn even in hot summer because it is a smooth and smooth fabric with a feeling of falling.

The surface feeling of washer processing creates a sense of fashion, so we create a stylish feeling.
Because it is made like a jacket, it can be worn as a shirt with a light button or a shirt.

It is also recommended to wear it with Washer Sheer Pants made with the same material, but you can enjoy it well with various pants.

Color OFF/Black

■ Size (approx.
Length 71 (front) 74 (later)
Width 60
Shoulder width 52
Sleeve length 51.5
Hem width 63

■ material
18% nylon

Mystery / Yes
Gloss / somewhat
Extractability / None
Lining / None
Thick / thin
Weight / 210g
Care method / Hand washing is possible

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